Alexander Grinshpun

Alexander Grinshpun is an Israeli based artist who was born in 1949 in Moldova where he graduated from a local art school and later continued his studies at the Institute of Arts in St. Petersburg. At the institute, he studied theatrical performance decorations and backgrounds. After completing his studies he worked as a theatrical artist in Syktyvkar where he had his first personal exhibition in 1980. Over his career, Grinshpun was featured in multiple exhibitions in Kishinev, Odessa, Tiraspol and Bedery, as well as in the Center of Arts in Rishon-Lezion, Israel. After this big exhibition, Grinshpun was invited to have works in galleries within the US, Canada, and Singapore. Lastly, Grinshpun is known for his colorful, expressionist-style landscapes of the Mediterranean.

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